E-discovery nightmare Counsel reponsibility Need for an expert Experience E-discovery strategist Unreliable evidence <prev next> The truth about computer date and time stamps. Do you know what Creation Dates, Last Modified and Access Dates really mean? Probably not. This free report explains all. Click here to get your free copy. Contact Jerry Saperstein Resolve your ediscovery problems economically, efficiently and effectively. In an unfair competition action, defendant had pre-emptively retained a “computer forensics expert” to examine their computers. The expert declared that they were “certain that there could be endless numbers of possible further examinations that could be conducted on any or all of the computers reviewed in this case. I do not believe that spending double or triple the over $62,000 amount already invoiced to our client prior to this report would serve to provide further clarity regarding usage of file data from within the five files of interest.” At substantially lower expense, I established the prior search as insufficient and located evidence of multiple instances of plaintiff’s ESI being transferred to defendant’s computers and establishing that spoliation may have occurred prior to the defendant’s own commissioned forensic examination. (CFC International, Inc.  v. Optimum Card Solutions, LLC, Cir Ct. Cook County IL (2005)). My technological expertise will allow you to concentrate on being a litigator. I will assist you in navigating the technology and getting production of the relevant ESI or information which may lead to its discovery. Over the past 15 years, I have worked with trial counsel across the country helping them resolve ediscovery issues economically, efficiently and effectively.